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For more than 25 years, Terrell Theen has been working in the field of 3D computer animation and interactive media.  Beginning in 1994, he started creating 3D animated visualizations of new building interiors, architectural designs, and large construction projects.


By 1997, he developed one of the first online immersive 3D virtual reality projects for free roaming a pre-built commercial building, interacting with the doors, lighting, furniture and programing automated tasks, collisions and zones using VRML97. 


He continued progressing with a Master's of Science degree from Indiana University in New Media Arts and Sciences where he studied 3D animation, game programing and virtual reality development, and built a virtual reality training simulator for a fictional nautical submarine experience, and a virtual reality experience for a marketing and advertising project.

He has since had the pleasure of creating 3D animation and immersive interactive virtual reality projects for clients such as, Walt Disney World, The Indianapolis Motor Speedway, United States Navy, 3M and many other companies around the world.

Today, he and the SpectroMagic team continue to design and develop virtual reality, 3D visualization and animation productions with the goal of using 3D immersive technology and interactivity to solve challenges in a wide range of industries using the most advanced tools and techniques.

Terrell also continues to teach as a faculty member with the University of Central Florida, Games and Interactive Media department in Orlando, Florida.

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